‘Don’t feed a Bloodbeast after midnight or get it wet’ Edit: Response at the end, update 17 September 2013 13:33

tl;dr – We’ve said our goodbyes to Van666 in June 2013. We tried to not be too trenchant about his dismissal as we had nothing but the greatest respect for him yet the fact is he was fired. We are stage ready with our new vocalist, and will hit the Old no 7 venue hard in 2 weeks time as Bloodbeast. Thanks for your continued support. Galaxy, Werner and Choroz. Read further if you want the boring details. EDIT: Please see bottom part of post for his reply.

We’ll try and state the events as simply and unemotionally as possible. You make of it, what you can.

After six months of internal issues and various band meetings and discussion, a majority vote was taken and Van666 was voted out of Bloodbeast, mostly for not treating the band members as equals and not listening to the rest of the members being unhappy with his actions and decisions without consultation.

On 22 June 2013 Bloodbeast fired Van666. This might be an odd decision, as seen from the outside, but it is not one we made before confronting the issues for almost six months, trying to make the status quo work. Much deliberation and thought went into this.

We believe in a band as a unit, and considering the amount of time we invest as fellow hobbyists and non-session musicians penultimately want to have fun, listen to good metal and mostly keep going.

On 5 July 2013, Van666 sent a lawyer’s letter to Galaxy and Werner, notifying them that he has registered the ‘Bloodbeast’ word as his own personal trademark. What is interesting here, is that

  1. Werner and Galaxy put out a call for members (having worked together in  FTC), and Van666 then contacted them to join after AoA wasn’t happening anymore
  2. Werner, our drummer, chose the name, and
  3. we worked together as a group for two years, to build it as a band and brand




A short time after Van666 also registered all Bloodbeast material as his property at SAMRO, forgetting that we all crafted these songs together, and have been gigging them together for almost 2 years.

We tried reasoning with Van666, but the impression was and still is very clear in his mind, that he wrote everything, chose the name, and owns everything – which was in fact created and nurtured by a team of four (not one) people over 2 years.

Earlier this year Kerry King decided he _alone_ was Slayer (although he wasn’t fired, you probably read up more on this than we did), the fans begged to differ.

A press release does not imply truth. We apologize for losing face with Van666 and executing our decision via email. In South Africa, the scene is small, and people talk. We want to make music, and will continue doing so, with every member allowed his input, his ideas, his timelines and his focus. We’d rather make music than talk to lawyers, we’d rather drink beer than fight about ownership of something crafted together over time, we’d rather spend time with you the fans, than tell you made up fictions about our internal worlds. We’ve tried solving this amiably and even suggested that Van666 take his six new songs and just fire up a new project, ready to go with new musicians, instead choosing the litigious path, the path of lawyers and unofficial press releases, released when some members were on holiday, unable to refute the nonsense.

Thanks for your continued support, and for all the fans and fellow musos that went as far as to inquire as to the weirdness of Van666′s press release and article in Muse. We’re sorry that it’s come to this, but time and repeated requests from members has us typing up this email, instead of just hitting the stage again.

We’d like to thank you for your support – we have a metric fuckload of old songs and new metal coming your way, in the new energy (and with a new vocalist) that is Bloodbeast (as you know and love it).


Bloodbeast hasn’t miraculously become two beasts, it’s one band, with a single ex-member who simply won’t accept reality, keeps creating new FB groups and misleading unwitting fans with false information. 

Please keep checking back for some more of what you’ve learnt to expect from Bloodbeast. Werner, Galaxy and Choroz. Oh, and if you’ve read this far, tittysprinkles.

old no7 2-02


Van666, replied with this PDF in Afrikaans. Names removed as an edit. Choroz wants to state that in the firing email to Van666, he only disagreed with Werners method of delivery (which was email) and timing but didn’t disagree with Van666′s dismissal. He did however want this to happen around a round table as a discussion between adults.


We are going to leave it here, for you, the fans, to draw your own conclusions. 

bloodbeastletter1 bloodbeastletter1



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Getting ready for action

A warts and all bandroom jam video of us after 3 weeks with our new vocalist. Join us Saturday


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Emalyth Arts Expo 2013

Emalyth Flyer

2013 sees the much anticipated 5th instalment of the Emalyth Arts Expo being hosted for a second time at Wolmer Bush Lounge, Akasia, Pretoria North. Over the past few years the event has grown from strength to strength and we’re super amped to have this year’s event being extended into a 3 day showcase of local alternative talent. The event features several up-and-coming visual and fine artists from in and around Gauteng, as well as 21 of South Africa’s amazing alternative and heavy metal bands. The expo will take place from the Friday the 31st of May to Sunday the 2nd of July. Tickets are R120 for a weekend pass.

Continue reading

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Shirts are en route [update - sold out]

Ok, so the design has been finalized. Help support our next album by investing in some Bloodbeast swag!

If you’re interested. Let us know.

R100 a pop.

Your sizes here, and we’ll let you know once they’re ready: Pick your size!

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PURE METAL: Catch us for the first gig in months this Friday with newcomers Predomination and old time Killatoria at Dahlia.


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Showcasing the finest South African Bands, fine artists and local talent, this Arts Expo is set to push the creative boundaries. This April see’s the fourth installment of the Emalyth Arts Expo.

“I started the Emalyth Arts Expo because, like everything Emalyth related, I knew a lot of artists who I felt could use more exposure. And what better way to showcase the art they were making to a crowd that would appreciate it: the metal heads, Goths and music lovers that attend Emalyth events”
Sashquita Northey- Founder of Emalyth Events

Event details

Taking place at: Wolmer Events Arena- 2 Dale Ave, Karen Park in Pretoria North.

Date: 28th April 2012

Time: Gates open at 14:00- Art Exhibition will take place from 14:00 until 18:00

Entrance: R60.00

The R60.00 entry fee includes camping over and tickets into lucky draw to win hamper of band merchandise. More Give Aways and special activities will be taking place like 25 CD give aways courtesy of EMI. Merchandise will be on sale by Solsken Clothing.

Emalyth will also be proudly releasing the brand new, never been seen before set of Models who are currently being kept under lock and key until the day of the Expo. More information to follow.

Artists displaying art from 14:00 unto 18:00

Kirsten Von Bass
Rudie Swart
Liam O’Flaherty
Naquiska Jacobs
Ryan Prinsen
Katlego Modiri
Cicero Carstens
Jacques Artgraven
Bunny Corpse


17:00 Therapayne
17:50 Deity’s Muse
18:40 New Emalyth Model release fashion show

19:00 Bloodbeast

19:50 Spectral Realm
20:40 Boargazm
21:30 Killatoria
22:20 All Forlorn
23:10 Of One Design
24:00 Maximum Carnage

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Gig – 7th of April – This is War II – Bonethrone productions

From an excited Bonethrone team: “Greetings from Bonetrhone productions hiiting you with some fantastic news… LIVE @ Schivas Rock the 7th of April we have one sick line up ready to blow your mind away… Prepare for war!!! The line up is as follow:

17h00 – Scroll of Thoth

17h50 – Hammer of Redemption

18h40 – Instrametal

19h30 – Balyios

20h20 – Spectral Realm

21h10 – Therapayne

22h00 Warthane

22h50 – Bloodbeast

23h40 – Craving Sanity (Headline)

00h30 – Beseech The Enemy!!!

The war is on its way with a bang and only one will be victorius!!! South African METAL!!! For only 50bux you can be part of this war! Its starts 17h00 until the last band falls… Do not miss out one this!!! See you all in the pits!!! Just a reminder!!! Keep it dark and brutal Metallions! \M/”

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23 March – Detonation tour – with Fleshgod Apocalypse

Fleshgod Apocalypse

Fleshgod Apocalypse was created in April 2007.  After the release of “Promo 07″ which was recorded and mixed at 16th Cellar studio by producer Stefano “Saul” Morabito, the band was offered a record deal with Neurotic Records.  The two tracks contained in the promo were included in the 4-way split “Da Vinci Death Code” distrubted via Spew Rec.

In December 2007, the band signed a new record deal with Willowtip Records who released Fleshgod’s debut releaser “Oracles”.  The album is distrubted through Willowtip Records (United States / World) and Cadlelight Records (Europe).  Shortly after their release of “Oracles” in April 2009, the band started intense live performance all over Europe.  In between touring, Fleshgod Apocalypse were in the midst of writing new songs for their latest Ep and epic “mafia”.  Mafia was recorded, mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studio in January 2010 and released by Willowtip Records.  This Ep was huge step forward as it received great reviews around the world.

2012 will see South Africa welcoming Fleshgod Apocalypse with The Detonation tour 2:  Death To The Nation along with South Africa Death Metal bands Bile of Man, Bloodbeast and a whole bunch of others

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Out for Blood @The Black Dahlia

A video of our participation in the Emalyth Event – Masque of Comus.


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Shirt pre-orders

We’re planning on a print run for some Bloodbeast logo shirts.

Post your details here if you’d like to pre-order

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